Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring is a cost effective and resilient alternative to tile and hardwood flooring. It provides exceptional water resistance, stain resistance, versatility, and durability. Many of the vinyl products we have on display here at South Jersey Hardwood are waterproof and pet-resistant. Vinyl flooring is the most popular type of resilient flooring today largely in part due to its recent technological advancements that set it apart from the vinyl flooring of yesteryear; printing and embossing techniques make modern vinyl almost indistinguishable from the flooring which it derives its inspiration, whether that’s tile, stone, or hardwood. Additionally, strong urethane top coating that is standard with all vinyl stands up to high-heeled shoes, pet nails, and spills. Vinyl combines the classic, sophisticated look of harder flooring materials with a soft backing - this means dropped dishes are less likely to shatter, and it simply feels better underfoot. South Jersey Hardwood carries top of the line luxury vinyl products by favored manufacturers COREtec, MSI, Armstrong, and more.

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